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August 24, 2014

“When I asked Margo to do an Angelic Soul Clearing session with me, I was having trouble letting go of an ex. I had this super powerful fantasy about how he was the one, even though we had been broken up for three years. No matter how many energetic cords I cut, I still had this fantasy and didn’t date anyone else.

Well, Margo got into my Crown chakra and discovered this massive projector in my brain! This projector kept showing me everything I wanted, even though it wasn’t real. We realized that it had been there since childhood, because I used fantasy as a way to escape my life. Margo and the Angels lovingly took away that big projector and replaced it with an enormous window so I could see the beauty of my life and what was really out there for me.

Very soon after that, I started dating a wonderful man, and we have been together ever since. My need to project fantasy over reality is gone, too. Now I am able to see and accept life just the way it is. I would never have guessed that there was a projector stuck in my subconscious, making it impossible for me to move on! Give Margo’s mind-boggling work a try — you will be amazed at what happens for you, too.”


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