A Career Card Reading Can
Change Your Life

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  • Need direction on career and work?
  • Trying to figure out your life purpose?
  • Wondering what to do next?

Get Answers With a Career Card Reading

A Career Card reading with Margo can give you clear direction on what to do with life, work and love. They can help you decide on careers, uncover hidden talents and point you in the right direction. The Career Cards also include Action and Block cards to help you overcome obstacles and understand exactly what to do next.

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Margo has helped people all over the world discover and live their true purpose, even when it turned out to be something they had never ever considered before. The Career Cards speak with a Divine truth and power that you will experience as they speak to you throughout the reading. You will be amazed at their astonishing ability to tune in and understand you and your situation, and to give your heart and soul the answers you have been seeking.


A Career Card Reading Can Help You:

  • Get clarity on your direction and purpose
  • Reveal hidden talents and abilities
  • Point to what’s coming in the future
  • Align you with your true purpose and destiny
  • Resolve conflict and issues in relationships and at home

margo_thumbie“My very first Career Cards customer drew four cards: the Farmer, Risk, Patience and Keeper of Records. I explained that the Farmer card meant organic farming and clean eating; the Risk card indicated that she would have to take a risk to proceed on her life path; and that the Patience card meant that a span of time would be involved before the risk happened. I also told her that I felt that the Keeper of Records was not associated with the first three cards.

I asked what her question had been. She smiled broadly and said, “I wanted to know if I could quit my job in nine months and open my thousand-acre organic farm.”

Then I asked her about the Keeper of Records. “Oh that,” she said. “I am the County Clerk in my town and I will still do that once I open the farm.”

The Career Cards nailed it from the beginning, and they continue to do so, every time!”


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