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Become A Certified Career Card Reader

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  • Would you like to add an amazing career and life purpose oracle to your client offerings?
  • Would you like to make money helping people?
  • Get instant clarity on your own issues, anytime, anywhere

The Career Cards are a friendly, intuitive and transparent spiritual tool that you can use to help yourself and others. Whether you’re an experienced Reader or have never picked up a deck of cards, the Career Cards Certification Course provides you with in-depth training and insight into each of the 88 cards and their various meanings. You are also given handy guides to help get you started. The Level One course is open to anyone, regardless of prior experience.

Become a Certified Reader


Courses are offered online and on locations, and require practicing with a group. Cost is $127 and includes a set of the Career Cards. Shipping to outside the U.S. is extra.


Check this site for upcoming classes or email Margo about hosting one in your area.

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Become a Certified Reader