Past Life Regression


  • Do you suspect you might have lived before?
  • Do you feel very drawn to certain places or cultures, even though you’ve never been there?
  • Have you ever met anyone and either instantly loved or hated them?


If you’re curious to know whether you’ve lived before and how that might be impacting your life today, a Past Life Regression with Margo can give you answers. During a brief meditation, Margo will help you go back in time and revisit the lifetime(s) you need to see. It will feel just as vivid and real as your life now. Past Life Regressions can shed light on seemingly irrational fears such as drowning, being in enclosed spaces or having anything tight around your neck or wrists. Past Life Regression can also help you understand relationships and why you instantly feel drawn to some people, but may have trouble letting go of others.

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Past Life Recall Can Help You:

  • Discover the hidden cause of fears, blocks and phobias
  • Explain why you feel attracted or repelled by certain places and people
  • Rediscover former partners, lovers and friends
  • Understand who you are from a Universal perspective and what role karma plays in your current life
  • Break unhealthy karmic ties and release the burdens of the past

Margo has extensive experience working with past lives. She has experienced Spontaneous Recall numerous times, a rare phenomenon in which memories of your past lives come flooding back as if you were re-living them again. She has recalled past lives in Atlantis, Lemuria, Egypt, Greece, Ireland, England, Scotland, Africa, South America and the United States. She and a previous partner jointly remembered many of their past lives together in Egypt during the reign of Tutankhamen and in Germany during the Holocaust. Margo has also met several of her children from other lifetimes, who recognized her in this lifetime. She and her wife, Tiffany have shared several lifetimes together, which they both remember clearly.


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