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Have you ever wondered what you were supposed to do with your life?   I sure know that I have.

After I heard Margo do a reading for a friend I had to have her on the show.  On this episode of Funky Friday she reads my Career Cards which are like tarot cards for your career.

I swear these cards work and Margo’s readings are amazing. – Katie McCarthy



Camille’s Career Card Reading with Margo Mateas

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Food Love and Transformation

I’m doing something pretty different on this episode! Come be a fly on the wall as Margo Mateas does a “private” reading of my life path. Margo is the creator of The Career Cards, a tarot-style system that calls on the spiritual realm to support you in connecting to your true life calling. She has worked with businesses and individuals worldwide, and it is a very special treat to have her with us.

In my reading, we uncovered some truths that will apply to you, especially if you feel over-worked and unsure of how to navigate all of the tremendous change that has come with the new post 2012 era. We discuss shifting from a masculine to more feminine energy, living a life of deeper faith, trust and surrender, and how to manifest all of the dreams bubbling in your heart without so much hard work and striving! – Camille Macres


“From Destitute to Destiny”

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Love Your Life Experience

Margo has been through it all — literally. From losing her home in a terrifying EF-5 tornado in 2013 to now living in a beautiful home near the ocean, Margo tells the story of life’s inevitable ups and downs, and how you can manage this roller coaster with ease. Her humorous and touching personal stories, along with the lessons she learned from them, will stay with you long after the podcast is over.

Debbie Fumanti





It’s All in the Cards, In the Career Cards

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