Get A Brain/Body Balance if You:


  • Want to open your mind, heart and intuition to clearly receive more Guidance
  • Fill your mind with empowering beliefs that will help you succeed
  • Start manifesting in a whole new way

This targeted session of Angelic Soul Clearings is specially designed to clear and align your mind, heart and intuition, the three parts of you that are now required for manifesting success and happiness. In this powerful and enlightening session, Margo and the Angels will explore and open your mind, heart and gut (the 3rd Eye, Heart and Solar Plexus chakras) and clear out obstacles so that support flows freely through you in every moment.

The Body/Brain Balance is a must for anyone who wants balance, clarity and to BE more connected to Source and to your Self. Body/Brain Balance sessions run between 60 and 90 minutes and are $125 an hour.

Get a Body/Brain Balance