Like An Angel

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August 2, 2014

“Connecting with Margo in my thoughts is just like plugging into the unlimited energy field. This happened just now, when I started to write this testimonial. While remembering Margo, my whole body simultaneously started “bathing” in high frequency energy, flowing from feet up and from head down. I said to myself : “My gosh, what is going on?” This has not happened to me with anybody else.

I met Margo on one of the popular spiritual webinars. Her reading was so accurate that it was like seeing myself in the mirror. I immediately bought two sets of her cards, for me and for my children.

But Margo continued to stay connected with me, even later:  In the last two years, out of the blue she would Skype message me: “Vjeko, what is going on with you? Today you came in my mind…” and that was always in important moments, when I needed some help or advice. It is like she is my angel. This is really unique. I don’t know if it happens with her other clients as well, but I am always amazed when this happens.

I am so thankful for meeting Margo and for her continued presence in my life.”


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