Uncovered Past Life In Ireland

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September 2, 2014

“I experienced a past life regression with Margo Mateas more than 15 years ago that permanently changed the way I view myself and my life. The details of the past life regression are clearer, more lasting, and more vivid, than any other memory I can recall. It is as though the experience were tattooed in my memory.

I had a deep attraction to and connection with all things Irish, including: traditional Irish music and culture, Celtic symbols, Irish history and Irish people. Since my family was not really Irish, I didn’t understand this. I was also drawn to the medical field, and to healing. I had many questions!
In the regression, I learned about a past life in which I had lived in Ireland, and was a physician or healer. I experienced sights and smells that I didn’t understand, with people dying in droves, from an unknown cause. It seemed to be medieval times. A few years later, while visiting Dublin, Ireland, I took a self-guided historical tour, set up much like a museum. I saw there an exhibit with a scene that was virtually identical to one which I had seen in my past life regression. The exhibit stated that it was depicting the Black Plague, which had devastated Europe and occurred in the early 1300’s in Ireland. It made me stop short, as the understanding flooded me. I never studied European history, so for me, this affirmation and explanation of what I had experienced, gave me so many answers and confirmed the reality of the past life memory.

Margo has many special gifts. Margo’s include the gift of “seeing” and helping others to get answers, direction, and guidance. Thanks for reading about my experience, and for letting me share it with you.”


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