Career Cards WILL Give You Answers

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September 2, 2014

“The Career Cards flowed into my life right before my trip to Nicaragua. After opening the box, several cards spit out of the deck at me. Two landed on the table, and the other two landed sideways against my leg. The rest of the pile was untouched. Needless to say, the four cards looking up at me held all the answers to what I needed at that moment. The book provides a hefty description for each card, and the best-kept insights lie in the text. And those insights WILL pop out at you. I was so scared they wouldn’t. But after reading the descriptions of each card, a specific motif (just for me) started to show itself.

They have a marvelous and magical appeal to them and are (and can be used) for anyone from the heavy tarot card educator to the ‘new’ beginner who is just feeling stuck and looking for a place to turn.
They WILL provide an answer for you. In your life and in your biz/career or whatever work/impact you are making, and offer you that direction that is needed at that exact time.

I will forever be grateful as to how these flowed into my life. And forever in gratitude (and confidence) that I am now on the right track to make the impact I am ‘supposed’ to make.”


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