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Margo M. Mateas is an intuitive strategist and spiritual advisor who helps people all around the world.  She is the creator of the Career Cards, a powerful and unique oracle that is used in 14 countries that delivers practical advice for life, career and relationships.

A highly respected corporate trainer to Fortune 500 companies, non-profits and the U.S. government, Margo successfully bridges the worlds of spirituality and business by using her intuition to successfully pinpoint client issues and solve institutional problems. She’s helped many executives from companies including Verizon, Wyndham and State Farm become happier and more successful. She is an award-winning writer, newspaper journalist and accomplished public speaker who began speaking professionally at just 14 years old. Margo works directly with the Archangels to do energetic clearings and chakra work over the phone that result in immediate transformations.

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Psychic at an early age, Margo had her first premonition at age eight and her first vision as a teenager. She is a frequent and popular guest on radio and Internet talk shows, and has conducted workshops on spirituality and relationships for more than 20 years, including at the Alcoholism Center for Women in Los Angeles and the Sedona Creative Life Center. Her online Life Plan Action Course utilizes angels and spirit guides to help people solve problems, heal past pain and find clarity in their work and relationships.

In 2012, Margo created the Career Cards, the only oracle in the world to combine 70 Career cards with 18 Action and Block cards in order to provide clear direction in any situation. The Career Cards are available in bookstores, at and at There are more than 20 Certified Career Card Readers all over the world, if you would like to get an in-person reading from one in your area.  Check back for a complete listing of Certified Career Card readers in your area.

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Margo is available for readings over the phone, Skype and in person at certain Holistic Fairs. Check the Events Page and Calendar for speaking engagements, personal appearances, book signings and workshops. If you would like Margo to be a guest on your talk show, please contact her at

For corporate training in sales, PR, public speaking, crisis management and conflict resolution, check out Margo’s corporate training site at:

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